Aloha Poke

A food app to customize your poke bowl

What is Bowl Poke?

Aloha Poke is a food application which let people customize their bowls in an easy and fast way. The user can make an order and pick up the bowl directly at the shop or let it deliver to his place. With this app, the user can avoid frustration and time-consuming process.

Why do I want to design Bowl Poke?

1.1 Scenario in Daily Life

I and my girlfriend love healthy food. Mostly after work, we are not motivated to cook so I regularly pick up food on my way home.

1.2 Finding the problem

But each trip to Aloha Poke is a time-waster. I have just one choice stand in line and place my order which takes about 15-20 Minutes.
Also, there’s no easy way to quickly place my order online or telephone and have my food ready to pick up as of the many ingredients. So Aloha Poke is losing customers because about the time-consuming order process locally.

  • Aloha Poke doesn’t offer to place my order over the phone or online because of too many ingredients.
  • Other third-party delivery apps offer just ready to eat dishes. They are not prepared to allow the customer to create their customized dish.
  • The parking situation is at this time very difficult.

2. Solution Thinking

2.1 Designing Goals

Keeping these reasons in mind, I decided on the following mission statement.
Create a beautifully simple app (solution) for Aloha Poke that allows a customer to easily place a food order via a mobile device (with minimal effort).
This will be achieved through these specific goals:

It’s important to keep the overview and simplicity. If it clumsy and takes too long, this defeats the purpose. It has to be easy, quick and user-friendly.


3. Affinity Diagram

3.1 Affinity Diagram

Before I start to design, I want to know what’s the most important thing about Aloha Poke. When I exploring my mind I switched my role among researcher, designer, strategists. I am trying to dig deeper into details from different perspectives.


3.2 Experience Map

Collecting all the information I started to work on a food app to solve the problem. I created this experience map to understand our product/service interactions from the user’s point of view.


4. Flow Chart

4.1 Sitemap


4.2 Low-fidelity

4.3 User Flow

User Flow

5. Target Audience & User Case

5.1 Persona (Emphaty)


5.2 User Case

  • As a user, I should be able to easily place a food order
  • As a user, I should be able to customize my bowl order
  • As a user, I can view the full menu (extra feature)
  • As a user, I can view ready Housebowls
  • As a user, I should be able to edit my bowl
  • As a user, I should be able to pick a location (for pick up) (extra feature)
  • As a user, I should be able to set a time when to place my order
  • As a user (as a repeat customer) I should be able to re-order previous items with minimal clicks (think thumb punch, holding the phone in one hand)
  • As a user, I should be able to create an account to save credit card info and order history
  • As a user, I should be able to pay  using Paypal

6. User Testing and Integrations

6.1 User Testing

I conducted 3 round user tests to test happiness, adoption and task success with the following questions.

  • How often do you think you `ll use Aloha Poke Bowl?
    Test adoption of Aloha Poke Bowl.
  • Open App and create your first bowl and make your order.
    Task success: Test usability of Aloha Poke’s main function.
  • Can you find the button of the Menu section?
    Task success: Test usability of navigation
  • Did you find your saved bowl?
    Task success: Test usability of navigation.

6.2.1 Interaction – Tooltip

Some of the worst feedback comes from creating your bowl. In the first version, most of the tester didn’t know how to delete the added ingredient.

„I wanna change the added ingredient how can I delete this one“ So I added a tooltip which appears one time when they first reach the create screen.

The user has to swipe up the ingredient to delete it.

Version 1
New version

6.2.2 Interaction – Info icon

Another issue which the tester mention was „how can I get more information about the ingredient?“ It was not clear that they have to hold the ingredient thumbnail to open the new detail screen. I added a small info icon on the bottom right on the thumbnail.

Version 1
New version

7. UI Design